Sergej: Then we had this one. It is about the minimal structure, the shared structure. Like the outline of the essay you made. The main structure of your essay. 
Sterre: The plan of the essay, an origin, a skeleton. What you want.
Sergej: Musicians have something similar. The structure is made of the melody, the rhythm, a chord scheme. Like AABA. 
Sterre: like poetry, but then in music!
Sergej: Indeed.
Sterre: If you are knowledgeable about music, you know these structures. Though maybe not from the start.
Sergej: These structures make it easy to play together. So they know what to play. And even if they want to make changes. They can coordinate quickly and start building towards a groove.
Sterre: Like being on the same wavelenght. Like in a relationship. if you are not on the same line, it becomes difficult?
Sergej: Yes. Do you remember why you chose a tree?
Sterre: It has to do with the wavelength, and the origin. Why a tree? This is about roots. This is where the development and the growth get their energy from. The roots grow into the ground. They grow through different layers of earth to get to the nutrition. They get their energy from the ground, the earth. They have to go through these layers, and by doing that, they reach the water and they feed the growth of the whole.
Sergej: It has a relationship with the painting of minding the moment. That also shows the visible part the tree. The possibilities that a musician has, are related to the roots? 
Sterre: Also to how strong the tree stays as it grows. The balance of the tree also plays a role.
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