Sergej: Integrating imperfection. It is impossible to do it all right when you improvise. You have to accept the mistakes. That is what this principle is about.
Sterre: It also depends on your defintion of mistake. I think there are positive things that we can learn from a mistake. I think you can get more positive results from it. If you are able to see mistakes as a positive phenomenon, I think it becomes part of that which makes you stronger.
Sergej: In the painting, you created a flowing line with a close up that is more roughly edged. What does it mean to you?
Sterre: When you improvise with confidence, it appears really smooth. Even if there are mistakes, you just make them part of the performace as if they are normal. You can decide to make them part of the performance. If you do so, the flowing line represents the flow of the performance despite mistakes. But if you would look closely, you would see the rough edges. But in the whole, it remains a flowing line.
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