Sergej: Then we had this one. It is about the whole of a community that shares a style. For example, all jazz musicians and how they hang together, how they learn from each other, how they form bands, form organizations. You created a forest to show this metaphorically.
Sterre: This is actually a very simple painting. You have the different developments. And this seems to be made of one type of tree. In reality, in a forest, you may have many different trees, small bushes, large trees, small trees, pinetrees... In music also, we have different genres, but all are music. Each genre shapes its own form. When we try to distinguish the form, we may call it blues, or rock. That's why I painted a forest. All together, the trees in the forest form a whole of music. Within the forest, there are many different trees.
Sergej: Suppose these were all jazz trees, how would you make the difference?
Sterre: Maybe this is philosophical, but suppose the sun is shining on the forest straight from above. Then the trees look more or less similar. When the sun would be setting and shining from the side, the differences between the trees are more easily noticed. It is still the same forest, but we see it differently. It is like a changing audience. The differences in taste, the roots of the people and the musicians, new developments happening. Some trees will grow faster because of their access to water, to sunlight. Some trees grow faster than others.
Sergej: So you say the different groups of trees, even different types of trees, pine trees for example. They look the same, in one way when they are in the sun, but when the angle of the sun changes, we see the variation between them?
Sterre: Yes. and the people in the audience, as well as the artists, notice these differences.
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