Sergej: This was the first one. Minding the moment. When you start improvising, how does it work? You have no choice but to start. And you have to start somewhere and trust that it will develop from there. Do you remember why you chose this image?
Sterre: For me, you develop the improvisation from the roots.
Sergej: For me, the more you can expand your consciousness of the moment, the more you are able to generate in your improvisation. Do you remember how you made the painting?
Sterre: It grows from an origin, and it develops into all kinds of forms. When you shared the story of how musicians improvise, I immediately thought about a tree. You can easily envision it: the branches, each loose developments on their own, but they form and become part of one whole. In this case, a tree.
Sergej: When you improvise yourself, for instance when you made this tree, are you conscious of yourself improvising?
Sterre: Not in the moment. Maybe beforehand. I say: I trust myself, I feel confident, and I start. But in the moment, I am not that conscious of improvising as an activity. I am just doing it.
Sergej: You just wrote an essay for your English class, remember? How do you think about the next piece of such an essay when you wrap up the part you are now writing?
Sterre: I feel the flow of what I can add to this, and by following that, I make the whole. I do have to persist to really fill the structure that I thought of. It is tough to complete, to fill the whole. But imagining the structure and the whole it can turn into are easy for me.
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