Sergej: Then we made this one. It is about the groove. In jazz, this may start with the bass playing a line, then the drums coming in, then a chord... Together, they build layers, and then, at some point, the whole emerges from that. And you think: "hey, now it is there!" You made two lines that come together at some point with a third line coming into those two to illustrate this.
Sterre: That moment happens when the flow is transferred to the audience, when the different flows find each other. When they play something that fits well together, it appears as if there is an extra force, a vibe, that is 'added' to the whole. If it happens, then I can feel the song. I feel like listening to this.
Sergej: Where do you think this third line come from?
Sterre: I think it comes from the coming together of the other forces.
Sergej: So there is something more?
Sterre: The more is when the sounds of the different instruments fit together in a certain way. It is like the pieces of a puzzle becoming the puzzle. You have added something. By laying the pieces together in a certain way. From this way, the whole emerges. Sound in the case of music. I could have painted puzzle pieces too!
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